Protecting Your Furniture: Best Practices for Storing Wooden and Upholstered Pieces

Published on 1/7/2024

When it comes to preserving your wooden and upholstered furniture, proper storage is key. We at Beach Road Storage understand the challenges and concerns that come with storing these valuable pieces, whether during a move, renovation, or simply to decluttering your space. In this guide, we’ll share best practices for storing your wooden and upholstered furniture, leveraging self-storage, mini storage, and drive-up storage options to ensure your items remain in pristine condition.

Before placing your furniture in storage, it’s important to clean and prepare it properly. For wooden furniture, use a gentle cleaner to remove any dirt or oils and apply a coat of quality furniture polish to add a layer of protection. For upholstered items, vacuum thoroughly and treat any stains. Ensuring your furniture is clean before storage prevents any existing dirt from causing damage over time.

Disassembling larger pieces of furniture, such as bed frames or tables, can save space and protect them from strain or pressure during storage. Wrap individual components in protective material, such as bubble wrap or moving blankets, especially for delicate areas like legs or arms. Store these components together to avoid misplacing parts.

When positioning your furniture in the storage unit, avoid stacking heavy items on top of upholstered furniture to prevent damage or deformation. Leave space between items to give good air circulation, and consider elevating furniture off the ground on pallets or blocks to protect against potential floor-level dampness or pests.

For those needing frequent access to their stored furniture, drive-up storage units offer a convenient solution. These units allow easy loading and unloading, ideal for temporary storage needs or for businesses that require regular furniture rotation.

In conclusion, by selecting the right type of self-storage, properly preparing your furniture, and following these best practices, you can rest assured that your wooden and upholstered furniture will remain in excellent condition while stored. Whether you opt for mini storage or drive-up storage, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs, providing peace of mind that your valuable furniture is protected and cared for.